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dritter Kanal
Guarda ora


The visual staging of the food hall of the fashion trade show Panorama in Berlin was planned by visual art designers, Prjktr, as a 75-meter video projection. I developed and realized the costumes for the story of evolution that is told in the film. Here you can see short clips from a selection of animals - dinosaur, spider, bird and Future Human - as we filmed them on green screen.

Concept, Camera, Editing

Assistence shooting, Editing


Costume assistence


Editing costume video


Steven Wong, Hanna Hiller, Svea Ruppert, Olympia Tomczyk

Lydia Sonderegger

Anna Philippa Müller

Johanna Schraut 

Annamari Keskinen

Lisa Oettinghaus

Yvon Chabrowski

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