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Mein Kanal
Guarda ora

For the semester theme Bare Bodies, I designed a video in which eight nude performers meet in a small space and begin to cover themselves and the walls, with chalk mud. Their touches and encounters slowly transform their bodies and the space to create a new state. Coverings, the human essence, identity, individuality and uniformity are concepts that I wanted to investigate. The following questions accompanied me during the process:

How can a human being be shown in their bareness?

How to show their essence?

How their pure physicality?

How to show the uniqueness of the human species,

the uniqueness of every single individual?

How to show our similarity to other species, our relatedness to each other?

What happens when human nakedness gets its first covering?

When does the performer feel naked?

When do I see individuality? When uniformity?

Presentation at Rundgang of the University of Art UdK, Berlin 2013

Concept & direction

Camera & editing

Lydia Sonderegger

Johan Planefeldt,


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