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T-shirts for Babel, festival di letteratura e traduzione, Palestine 2011

This series of T-shirts was designed for Babel`s Festival of Literature and Translation in Bellinzona (CH), which, in 2011, focused on Palestinian writers.

For the print design, I've concentrated myself on traditional Palestinian costume, which typically have a richly embroidered, square shoulder and chest area around the neck opening. With elements of traditional embroidery patterns, I have developed a motif that represents the reduction of the living space of the Palestinian population in Israel from 1946 - 2005.

The T-shirts were printed with copper plates, the digital motif was etched into the copper by means of photo engraving.

100% cotton


Photo etchings

Photo 8

Lydia Sonderegger

Studio Paolo Nava 

Cristiano Bendinelli

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