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Creatures of the inner world

In this picture gallery a collection of creations from various projects are united. What links them is the walk the line between being human and being animal; being mythical creatures or super humans; in search of the boundary, as well as the breadth, of the human being; for faces and images that embody complexity, transformation and hybridism. 

1 Playing around with Bob

2 Are you a fox?

3 The front of a dragon

4 The back of a dragon

5 A dragons wife

6 Shaman I

7 Shaman II

8 Owl

9 Elf

10 Elf behind the tree

Concept for Bob and fox

Print owl and elf

Photos dragon

Photos shaman

Photos owl

Photos elf







Sisetta Zappone

Christophe Egger

Dorothea Tuch

Nelly Rodriguez

Christian Aeberhard

Cristina Zamagni

Kat Válastur

Anna Schlossbauer

Denise Veraguth


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