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I might also disappear for a while, Zina Vaessen, 2023

Mama Love, Lea Whitcher, 2021

IMG_4900 2.jpg

Fight for Independence,

Costa Compagnie, 2019-20

lang, Kat Vàlastur, 2017

OILinity, Kat Vàlastur, 2016

organisme response  ©,

David Olbrich, 2015

Gland, Kat Vàlastur, 2014

6. Photographer Sven Becker, performers Hannah Parsons, Tasha Hess-Neustadt, Eevi Kinnunen

Empire of a Faun Imaginary,

Simone Mousset, 2022

When Mama was Moth I took bulb form, Moschini Popall, 2021


Sinatra in Agony,

Oscar Bianchi / Marlene Kolatschny, 2019

KHAOS, Laurent Chétouane, 2016

(b)reaching stillness, Lea Moro, 2015

Timelaps, Prjktr, 2015


Rundgang UdK, 2013 

Skizze Inspiration.png

through and over, Anna Konjetzky, 2022

IMG_9456 copy.JPG

The Passion of Andrea 2,

Simone Mousset, 2019

Between Sirens,

Jeremy Wade, 2018

Those specks of dust, Kat Vàlastur, 2016


Josep Gaballero Garcìa, 2015

Ah! Oh! A contemporary ritual, Kat Vàlastur, 2014

tristi tropici, Virgilio Sieni, 2010

Creatures from the inner world,

seit 2010

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