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Institute for Textile Research - IfTF

I have been an active member of the Institute for Textile Research (IfTF) in Basel since 2019.

As a collectively organized association, we are committed to the practical and theoretical exchange of textile techniques and topics. The focus here is on experiencing, learning and experimenting as well as collecting and passing on knowledge.

The institute sees itself as an instrument for reflecting on social, economic and cultural changes to which textiles react directly, for discussing them within and outside of textile specialist circles and for practical research. It aims to illuminate textile work in a contemporary light, to find innovative and sustainable ways of dealing with the medium of textiles and to exchange ideas across generations.


Anna Cordasco

Rosanna Ferahkal

Lisa Haller

Meret Hammel

Pascal Heimann

Kira Herrmann

Alex Amir Khan

Sophie Meier

Barbara Muff 

Eva Ott

Lydia Sonderegger

Leonie Wienandts

tailor and process designer

art and textile mediator

interior designer

graphic designer
textile designer
textile designer

designer and artist

textile designer

embroidery tinkerer and textiles tracker
plissé designer
costume and set designer
set designer and cultural manager

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