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Those specks of dust

Recalling the process of becoming a dancer, it feels like a constant negotiation with nature: there’s a need to express things that cannot be said in any other way than through dance. In order for the body to follow the intensity of that need, it has to be tamed like a horse, but without betraying its wildness; and in order for dancers to be able to perform a sequence of movements with clarity and grace, their dancing has to become excessive, at which point it starts becoming the basis of a lifetime’s work. There then comes a time when dance is shared, when we offer our performing to the audience.

Those specks of dust reverses the act of performing and gives ‘the eye of the beholder’ to the dancers. Their gaze shifts to their own bodies, watching them as they create movement. This subjective observation allows the dancers to return to the primal roots of their life choice. The choreography gives them the space to re-experience, re-discover and express their fascination, admiration and surprise towards their dancing bodies.

"A body that unfolds a movement in the space is like the birth of a world. This is what the ensemble dancers Brit, Ty, Jone, Amancio, Ami and Christopher convey when they see their arms open…Wow." Kat Válastur

Concept & choreography

Dance and artistic Collaboration

Light design

Stage and installation


Costume assistance


Production management



Kat Válastur


Ty Boomershine, 

Amancio Gonzalez, 

Brit Rodemund, 

Christopher Roman, 

Jone San Martin, 

Ami Shulman

Martin Beeretz

Filippos Kavakas

Lydia Sonderegger

Heloïse Bouteille

Kat Válastur /

Stephan Wöhrmann

Giulia Messia

Maria Tzika

Dorothea Tuch

Co-production: Tanz im August, tanzhaus nrw
With thanks to Tanzfabrik Berlin and Uferstudios GmbH
DANCE ON is an initiative by DIEHL+RITTER gUG funded by the Federal GovernmentCommissioner for Culture and the Media.

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