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For Organism Response David Olbrich staged in the riding-hall of the Federal Police in Berlin-Grunewald a soundscape of mechanically generated sounds of an organ pipe, recordings of animal organ sounds, performative and theatrical elements. The resulting film recordings and sounds as well as the organ pipes were transferred for the exhibition in the hall of Sahurê at the Scharf-Gerstenberg Collection. The intentional openness of the work here contrasts with the established spatial logic of the Egyptian Sahurê temple, whose columns are still preserved in the same-named hall.

The central theme of David Olbrich's work is the question of the "great order" that we encounter in the notion of a divine plan of creation as well as in regulations and conventions or in the idea of ​​a standard calling for totality. As  patterns of understanding and orientation system, they grant us help and protection. But as standardised systems or gridlocked formulas, they can also block the visions to essential possibilities of understanding. One could aks, what accesses to the world could be found if the unpredictable or the incomplete serves as productive starting points of experience?


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Chalcographic print shirt Felix 
riding hall

Photos exhibition

David Olbrich
Frauke Schmidt
Matthias Grübel
Julie Schroell Loufok Productions
David Olbrich und Julie Schroell
Felix Römer
Alexandra Marisa Wilcke
Lydia Sonderegger

Sisetta Zappone

Miriam Lehnart 

Stefan Klenke

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