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Giant tree - Museum der Kulturen Basel 2023 - IfTF

We developed and created a floor-to-ceiling textile sculpture for the exhibition “Alive” in the Museum der Kulturen Basel. Inspired by Bruno Manser's diaries, which were donated to the museum for the exhibition, we designed a giant tree made from hemp cord, which, with its widely branched aerial and supporting roots, stimulates "rhizomatic thinking" (Deleuze & Guattari 1976): networked thinking, that is not organized hierarchically or dichotomously, but like root systems. The giant tree invites visitors to weave yarns into its bark and thus participate in building new relationships between different beings. It offers - in the spirit of Haraway - opportunities to create new types of community, to become related in willful, other-than-biological ways and to face the question of who one is responsible to.

You can visit the tree in the MKB for five years.

From the Institut für Textiles Forschen


Project team

Hemp cord




Pascal Heimann

Eva Ott

Lydia Sonderegger

Anna Cordasco, Lisa Haller, Pascal Heimann, Kira Herrmann, Alex Amir Khan, Eva Ott, Lydia Sonderegger, Leonie Wienandts, in collaboration with the MKB

Seilerei Herzog

Lydia Sonderegger

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