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through and over

This work is created with the choreographer Anna Konjetzky at the Theater Hagen. The work starts from the origin, the first impulse or the beginning of movement, and analyzes the constant and sometimes minimally changing spatially experienced body. We question the moment of change of direction, acceleration and jumps of individuals while others are in a state of continuous transformation. “We have to change and we do that all the time – but what happens at the moment when we take a different direction, a different pace, dare the 'leap'?” It is a concentrated potential to step out of line, which exudes from the middle of the stage!

Concept, choreograph, stage design

Costume design



Collaboration stage design

Choreographic Assistant

Ballet Hagen


Anna Konjetzky

Lydia Sonderegger

Misagh Azimi

Waltraut Körver

Sophie Lindemann

Amber Neumann

Julie Endo

Yu-Hsuan (Mia) Hsu

Yu-Hung (Phoebe) Huang

Evan Inguanez

Giovanni La Rocca

Hannah Law

Stefano Millone

Cheng-Yang Peng

Salvatore Piramide

Carolina Verra

Serena Zaccagnini

Bettina Stöß

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